Fallen under the spell of the futuristic and poetic universe of the artist Gal Barkan,
we are happy to present through our pages some of his video works.
As a Visual designer,
3D artist, musician and composer, Gal is a genius creative mastering countless
software for his visual and musical creation.

Guest Artist


Location : TEL AVIV – ISRAEL

Talents : Multidisciplinary artist | Visual designer | 3D artist | Art Director | Musician| Composer

Particular sign: Can hear and connect to almost any music style,  absorb and merge it into his work.

Vibration: Mercurian – Curious | Creative | Versatile



From his early age Gal has played piano and drawn. Over time he discovered the possibilities of 3d computer graphics and composing music with computers and synthesizers, Moved by the desire to merge his visual work with his music,  he has experimented various tools and software, and developed a subtle and ingenious technicality over the years. His strong experience in 3d architectural visualization also influences his creation, metamorphosed into urban futuristic and surreal landscapes. His inspirations are as rich and varied as the scope of his work, from classical and contemporary arts, to futuristic artists, from classic films to recent shows. Science fiction and fantasy literature, treatise in philosophy, theology, psychology, cosmology, and astronomy all nourish his imagination. The same is true for music, his influences expand from classical music he has listened to and played, to movie soundtracks, electronic music, rock, progressive, metal and sounds from all over the world

One wish for the futur : Create an entire musical composition accompanied with visuals, and why not in a VR world

Production secret:  Working in interactive mode, Gal build his scene in with real time tools.Using differents add on , he plays with the digital 3D render of his pictures  to give them a more gritty, analog and painting like appearance